About Us

Families supporting families.

Our web store is a family owned and run operation. Our suppliers are also family run businesses. We know we aren’t going to get rich doing this,  but we wanted to be of service to our community and ultimately; our country. It seems these days the family unit is lost in the politics , greed, and hate that permeates our society.

Our Family

I grew up in a large loving family. We disagreed and yes we fought. A lot. But we loved each other and nobody better mess with any of us. Since then our family has grown larger and larger. Today, I have  two bio kids; Ally and Rj. I have two step daughters by way of my fiancé Julie; Ashley, and Samantha.

This Site

The point of this site is to support family businesses, and also to try and help families who may be going through tough times. We will be starting out small (locally), and hopefully with your help expanding farther.

We invite you to shop with us knowing that the money you spend here will ultimately be helping families across the country.